Track your progress and reach your goals!

At Clarion Center for the Arts, we believe that setting goals and working hard to achieve them boosts a child's Confidence and helps them develop grit. With Sparky Pins, students have a tangible (and fun!) incentive for reaching important dance milestones!

There is no substitue for hard work.

How do you earn Sparky Pins?

Sparky Pins are earned by mastering certain dance skills at five different levels. These dance skills are divided into six different cateogories.

Balance Balance is what gives our dancers poise and grace. It requires immense abdominal strength and focus.

Pirouettes As the quintessential dance move, pirouettes are an absolute must in any dancer's tool kit.

Jumps How high you jump, how far you jump and how graceful you land are all imperative to a dancer.

Flexibility Dancers need flexible legs, backs and shoulders to execute the entire realm of dance steps.

Strength & Endurance Dance requires athleticism just like any sport! But dancers have the extra challenge of making it look easy.

Musicality Dancers must also be musicians, understanding rhythm, accents and the sounds of each instrument.

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What do these Skills look like?

Here are some pictures and videos to help you pactice!


Relevé in 1st position Legs stretched and feet turned out 

Arabesque with arms in 2nd Legs stretched and back foot pointed 

Tendu Derriè​re with arms in 2nd Legs stretched and front foot turned out

Parallel Retiré Supporting leg stretched, foot pointed and attached to side of leg

Grand Plié in 2nd position Turned out with knees over the toes

Relevé in 5th position with arms 5th en avant Legs stretched, feet turned out, no space between ankles

1st Arabesque At least 90 degress, legs turned out, arms properly placed 

Turned out Retiré Working foot unsickled at the side of the knee 

Parallel Retiré in Relevé Strong ankles and no wobbling

Grand Plié in 1st position Turned out with knees over the toes, no wobbling

Grand Battement en croix No wiggling of supporting leg

Échappé Relevé Strong ankles, no wobbing

 Relevé 5th, Retiré, close 5th, Plié combination  

1st Arabesque to press up and lower heel  

Grand Plié in 5th position

 Développé en croix

 Échappé Relevé en croix

Heel stretch 

1st Arabesque, press up and hold

Grand Plié in 4th position

Développé en croix in relevé

Heel stretch and let go  

Arabesque, Penche and recover

Promenade in 1st Arabesque


How to Get Your Front Split

How to Get Your Straddle Split

Tadpole and Froggy

Bracelet 4 inches from head  

Bracelet 2 inches from head  

Bracelet touching head  

Bracelet in splits  

Baby Bridge  

Basic Bridge  

Bridge with shoulders in line with hands  

Bridge with shoulders past hands  

Front attitude with knee to chest  

Side attitude with knee to chest  


Flat-foot bourée with head spot

Flat-foot 3-step turn

Quarter turns in parallel coupé

Bourée in 1st position releve with head spot

 3-step turn in relevé

Half turns in parallel passé

Consecutive chaine turns

Double pirouette in parallel passé

Single pirouette in turned out passé

Basic pique turn

Stength & Endurance

Plank Shoulders in line with wrists, neck in line with spine  

Side Plank Straight line from head to toes and from hand to hand  

Wall Sit Head against wall, arms by sides  

V-sit Legs and spine straight  

Tabletop Shoulders in line with wrists, flat surface from knees to head  

Superman & Banana


Burpees with pushup

Hinge on the knees

Hinge on forced arch

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